Monday, April 26, 2010

Fort Huachucha

Well Stephen is really enjoing his training in Arizona, as am I. I have been down to visit him twice since he has been there and really hope to go again! The first time I was there, he was not allowed to leave the base. In other words there was not a lot for us to do...... We hung out in the hotel, went to the PX, played games, and ate at the fast food joints on base.
Well I was lucky enough to go again this weekend! We got to leave base, it was so much fun. I got there on Friday and went to pick him up at his bay, we got Nathan as well and had dinner, we all just chatted and had a really good time. Then on Saturday morning we went to Tucson, we ate at the Olive Garden our favorite place, and went to the mall to just window shop and get out. I have never seen a bigger mall! I had to stop and rest a few times........My feet were swelling and I could not handle any more of Stephen's quick comebacks! Then we went to a steakhouse for dinner! I cant tell you how fun it is to sit and chat with him! He has down a lot of growing in the last few months and I really enjoy the person he is becoming! Sunday we decided to drive down to Tombstone, Az, it was a really cool city, we went in and out of all the little shops. We went and watched a comedy gun fight. Then had lunch at a saloon! It was a lot of fun! Sunday night we had dinner with Nathan, and then it was time to say our goodbyes! We hate saying them, and can't wait till he graduates in June and we wont have to say them again for a while!
All in all it was an amazing trip and I cant wait to go back!