Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Long time coming!

WOW I haven't posted in a long time!

Okay so I am a slacker, it has been a really long time since I have posted a blog!

* Well for my Birthday this year Anderson and I flew to Utah and spent two weeks with my family, while we missed Steve, we enjoyed every minute of it! We went to dinner, shopping,parties,and just hung out! It was awesome

* The day after I got back from Utah, Bonnie flew into town for a week and a half! Poor Anderson was sick so we didn't get to do much while she was here. We spent the day at Urgent care, and found out the he had pneumonia. We enjoyed each-others company! She let us sleep through the night a few times! We drove to Tybee Island but it was WAY to windy to even do anything:(

* We spent St. Patricks day in Savannah! They have a huge parade! They die all the fountains, and river green! We went with a few people that work with Steve is was a lot of fun! I then took Anderson home. The rest of them stayed to PARTY!

* I got a calling in the ward. I am now the secretary in the Primary Presidency! What a crazy calling! I hope I enjoy it, it has been really hard as of now hopefully we can get them under control!

*Because of my calling we have met some FRIENDS! I know its been great! We hang out with the Kunzler's all the time! Dinner, the boys play, parks, and just keep each-other company!

* Anderson is now standing. He will walk while holding on to furniture!

*Anderson now has 2 teeth! They are so cute!

*Anderson is crawling like a mad man.

*We enjoyed Easter, hung out with some friends from the ward! Went to egg hunts, concerts, and a fun Easter dinner!

*We are missing family, but enjoying being together!!!!!