Saturday, October 13, 2012

Anderson turns 2

We had a Trout birthday Party for Anderson a few weeks before he turned 2, they were all in town saying Hi/goodbye to Steve before he left! So it was perfect timing....He LOVES balls so it was a ball themed party with all the cousins, and grandparents! We had popcorn, cakes, candy, and soda everyone was in heaven!

Well on Anderson's actual Birthday I was still in the hospital, but came home that night with a brand new baby! So Grandma Candy and Papa started a new tradition! They took him to Toys R Us to pick out some toys and then took him to Training table for his favorite food! French fries!  He LOVED every minute of it, he came home to show us all of his toys, and tell us all about it! Seriously where has the time gone!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Baby Millie

Baby Millie was due August, 18 2012! When I met with my doctor in Utah, I was measuring a week big, so we fudged my due date to August 10, 2012, we wanted to make sure Steve was able to be here for the birth this time and since I was measuring big he said why not! We scheduled the C section for August 3, 2012.  Steve had all of his leave forms turned in, and we were just about to book his ticket!
Well on the 24th of July my mom and I decided to go to a movie, so we loaded up Anderson, and picked up Uncle Rob and went to see Snow White and the huntsman.  Anderson did ok for the first 45 min of the show! Loaded up on popcorn and soda, sat in his own chair and thought he was pretty cool! I then spent the next 45 min switching off with my mom in the hall! With about 10 min left in the show he finally fell asleep! I hadn't been feeling well at all, and after fighting him I was exhausted! So Rob went to get the car and pick us up, well as I was walking to the door I kept having to pause, I was sure I was just having Braxton Hicks.  Well as we were driving home I kept getting stronger pains in my back and stomach, I didn't go into labor with Anderson, and my mom never went into labor.  We made a few phone calls to friends that had gone into labor and asked.  People said to take a hot bath, time my contractions, and call the doctor! Knowing it was a holiday I wasn't to excited, I wanted to talk to my doctor not the one on call.  The doctor on call wasn't that nice to me... He said well I cant tell you over the phone if you are in labor, which I knew, I was calling to see if I should go in to the hospital!  So my mom made the decision, and off we went! We dropped off Anderson with Matt and Madi, thinking I would be home in a few hours, hugged my little guy and drove away!  We got to the hospital and checked in...they checked me out,  my contractions weren't that close together, so they wanted to monitor me longer. About an hour later, my doctor walked in explaining he had been monitoring me on his iPad at home, thinking I was going to be going home, and by the time he got to the hospital for another delivery he changed his mind! My contractions were very constant at this point, and every time I would contract, Millie's heart rate would drop just like Anderson's did.  Looked like we were having a baby that night!  

I jumped on the phone with Steve, and my mom made all the other calls.  My heart just dropped we had everything planned out, Steve was supposed to be there, and he wasn't going to make it again!  He called his NCO's and they figured everything out, and he was booking his ticket for that night!  So at 8:30p.m. I had our sweet tiny baby girl 3.5 weeks early.  She weighed 5pounds 10 ounces and was 19 inches long! She was tiny, and beautiful! Thank heavens I have an amazing family that could help us out again!  
Steve got there the next night, and it was a blessing, because she came 3.5 weeks early he was able to spend 10 days with our precious baby instead of 2! He was home for Anderson's birthday and our Anniversary!

Utah here we come!

Madison was getting married June 15, 2012. So the last weekend in May Anderson and a very pregnant me packed up our belongs and headed to Utah! We were really hoping Steve could be there for the wedding but with the upcoming deployment they wouldn't give him the time off. So he stayed behind and began to pack up the apartment, Anderson, Millie, and I are going to be living in Utah while he is deployed! Anderson has not done so well with our families so we were worried about moving here for a year! We didn't know how long it would take him to get used to my family, and enjoy playing with them! We placed bets that it would be a long 2 months before he would like them! Thank heavens we were wrong and it only took 2 days before he was best friends with my Mom, and not long after till he was loving Uncle Matt, and Uncle Rob! It took a little while longer for the rest to be friends but now he LOVES them! He called everyone he cared about "Daddy" and Daddy was now "Steve". We have really enjoyed our time in Utah and hope it only gets better in the next year!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Grandma Candy comes to visit

My mom decided to make a trip to Fort Stewart to visit! We were so excited, She was here from March 20-30! The first week she was here we all just hung out, went shopping and enjoyed each others company! We spent the weekend doing photo shoots for military families!Which meant with every shoot she did we got to do one of Anderson too! My mom is amazing! Then Steve went into the field for the week, So it was just the three of us! We went shopping, to doctors appointments, to eat, and to the zoo! Anderson LOVED the zoo, we got to go at his pace and just do what he wanted to do. While Steve was in the field, we met him downtown for the ultrasound to find out the gender of this baby! And the news is in.......We are so excited to be having a GIRL! So of course we immediately went shopping to buy little Millie some clothes and shoes! Then the next day we made a trip to the store to buy stuff to make headbands! Man is this girl going to be in style! We had so much fun with my mom! I was sad to drop her off at the airport to go home!

After feeling really tired....

Well I had been feeling exhausted for so long that my mom talked me into going into the doctor to get checked out! They did every blood test imaginable. I think they did 14, now that is a lot of blood! They tested my B12 levels, my thyroid, and many many others! At the last minute she decided to throw in a pregnancy test as well! I thought nothing of this, and just went on with my day! Hoping they could find something! Well the next day I received a call from the hospital, and the guy on the phone proceeded to tell me that I was pregnant, and I needed to make an apt for the following week! I was in complete shock and didn't believe him! So I took 2 pregnancy tests at home on my own! Yup sure enough we were going to be having another baby! We are so excited we cant wait! Baby is due August 18!

Myrtle Beach

My Parents, Madison, and Matt decided to make a trip to Myrtle beach! So Anderson and I joined them. Since Matt served his mission there he knew exactly what to do! We spent the week enjoying every minute! We went swimming, mini golfing, shopping, getting massages, We even went to a pirate show, Anderson LOVED it!!! The best part of the entire trip was when we rented Segways, and learned how to drive them! They were a little difficult but I felt like I had it under control! So off Madison, Matt and I went!! Well just when I thought I was good to go, I drove the Segway into the pond! Yes you read that right, the whole thing went under water! We were laughing so hard that Matt couldn't help me pull it out of the water! Oh my gosh I about died!!! He finally stopped laughing long enough to pull it out of the pond, and there was seaweed attached to the front, and water pouring out of every pocket! I was so embarrassed I couldn't even tell the guy what happened!


For Halloween this year we couldn't make it to Utah for the Halloween party:( So instead we decided to take Anders to the Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disney World! He wasn't as into it as much as I would have liked;) We went on a few rides, trick or treated, watched fireworks, and the parade! Then the following day we went to sea world! Active Duty military gets one free day a year! Anderson was in HEAVEN! He loved all of the shows! I can't wait to take him back again! The other days we were there we just hung out at the hotel , went swimming, and enjoyed Downtown Disney! We had a BLAST!

Anderson turns 1

On Anderson's birthday we decided to take him to the treehouse to play!! He loved it there, he loves all the balls and the tunnels, his friend Caden joined us. AFter about an hour we decided to go to McDonalds for a happy meal! He was in Heaven!
Later that night we opened gifts, Anderson got a ball pit and and trampoline, nothing could make him happier! He also Loved his cake!!!