Monday, January 31, 2011

Steve's Birthday

Well another year has passed and Steve has turned 23! We don't get to go out a lot cause it's hard to find a sitter that we trust to watch Anderson! Having no family around makes it almost impossible! Well my friend Beth that I actually met at Basic Training graduation is also stationed here! She watched Anderson so we could enjoy a night out! We ended up going the the melting pot and it was worth every penny!!!!
What a great day!


Well this was our first Christmas with our small little family! We really enjoyed ourselves! It was also our first Christmas alone away from the rest of our families! We survived!! We just enjoyed eachothers company and played games!
Anderson got more gifts than one child needs! We call him SPOILED.
Well after spending all day cooking a Christmas turned out disgusting! So we ended up eating at Ruby Tuesday's! Oh well we still enjoyed our day!