Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tybee Island

Matching toes.... I think so!

I Love the sand in his toes!
All tuckered out!

Fort Stewart

We are now stationed at Fort Stewart in Georgia! We have enjoyed it here, minus me being homesick a lot, but its getting better!
We love how close we are to the Beach! Makes for fun weekends. Too bad that Anderson doesn't really enjoy the wind! We are loving being a family again! Anderson just loves his Dad and it's so fun to watch them together! I love cooking, and cleaning, and being a wife, as crazy as that sounds!

Then there were three.....

Well after having Anderson, we realized it was almost impossible to fit in the "Beetle". There is no way that a car seat, baby, diaper bag, and stroller can fit into our car! So today we purchased our very own grown up car!