Saturday, September 8, 2012

Utah here we come!

Madison was getting married June 15, 2012. So the last weekend in May Anderson and a very pregnant me packed up our belongs and headed to Utah! We were really hoping Steve could be there for the wedding but with the upcoming deployment they wouldn't give him the time off. So he stayed behind and began to pack up the apartment, Anderson, Millie, and I are going to be living in Utah while he is deployed! Anderson has not done so well with our families so we were worried about moving here for a year! We didn't know how long it would take him to get used to my family, and enjoy playing with them! We placed bets that it would be a long 2 months before he would like them! Thank heavens we were wrong and it only took 2 days before he was best friends with my Mom, and not long after till he was loving Uncle Matt, and Uncle Rob! It took a little while longer for the rest to be friends but now he LOVES them! He called everyone he cared about "Daddy" and Daddy was now "Steve". We have really enjoyed our time in Utah and hope it only gets better in the next year!

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