Friday, February 8, 2013

Sick Baby`

A few days before Christmas this year, Millie was not acting like herself! She is the most happy, easy going baby ever....She was super fussy, and congested.  I took her in to the instacare and they said nothing was wrong that she had a cold and there was really nothing I could do about it! So away we went, ready to fight this cold!   Well a few days later, she was still acting fussy, and just not happy, and I realized she wasn't eating, and I had only changed one wet diaper that day and that concerned me...  I kept debating if I should take her or not, and finally I trusted my gut and off to the ER we went! Well thankfully we went in, when we got there they gave her an iv for fluids since she was dehydrated, and they checked her oxygen and it was super low, so they hooked her up to oxygen and they just kept monitoring her!  It was so sad to see her hooked up to machines, they took her blood to do tests, after about 5 hours they told me she needed to take an ambulance to Riverton hospital and was going to be admitted! So they loaded her up in the ambulance and away we went!  She ended up staying for 2 days due to RSV, so sad to see your baby so miserable and not be able to do anything for it! She ended up being on oxygen for a while and having to get the snot sucked out of her nose a few times a day! Thankfully we got to go home on Christmas Eve, and could spend the holidays with my amazing family!

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